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We offer leading furnace repair and service in Ontario to ensure that your units are functioning at their best. Increasing the efficacy and energy-efficiency. 


A broken or faulty furnace is an emergency! Cold feet are not the only consequence when your furnace stops working correctly. From electric and fire hazards to potential carbon monoxide poisoning, a broken furnace is serious. Act quickly to prevent further damage and get your heating back fast. 

Call 866-460-6004 now to speak with a HVAC specialist for furnace repair and service in Ontario.

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    Quick & Efficient Service

    Losing a furnace at the wrong time can be cold – and costly. That is why calling a professional for a furnace repair and service is vital. Regular maintenance checks can prevent breakdowns and damage on those cold winter days. No one wants to spend the holidays huddled around a space heater!

    When your furnace shows signs of wear, starts to “play up”, or stops working altogether, you need a speedy and reliable service to assess the fault and repair it.

    Why Canadian Choice?

    We have been in business for over 20 years, creating a team of highly experienced and licensed professionals. When a Canadian Choice HVAC technician visits your home, they aren’t just following a checklist to install or service your furnace. Your technician has a working knowledge of the ins and outs of your home heating system, and is trained to test, diagnose, and fix any issue while they are with you.

    That is why our services are renowned for being efficient and hassle free.

    We can repair anything - just ask Bryan Baeumler

    When to call Canadian Choice?

    The best time to call us is before your furnace breaks down completely. If you spot any of these signs, give us a call on our toll-free number for a quick consultation so we can service and repair your furnace before it breaks.

    If you are feeling off (headaches, disorientated, burning sensations in your eyes, etc.) this may be caused by carbon monoxide from a crack in your furnace – not all cracks are immediately visible. In this case, open all the windows to air the house out and call us immediately!


    You don’t need to worry about being left in the cold when you call Canadian Choice. Our friendly technicians can assess and repair your furnace in just a few hours. There’s nothing we can’t fix.

    What to check on your furnace before you call

    Before you pick up the phone, there are a few little things you can do to diagnose common furnace faults and save time. But whatever you do, make sure you DO NOT open the furnace by yourself! That’s a job that’s best left to a professional who knows how to open and dismantle a furnace safely.

    Check the filters

    do they look dirty? Make sure there’s not a ventilation blockage first.

    Power switches

    Double-check all of the power switches and electrical panels – look for damage, blown fuses, or switches that should be on.

    Pilot light

    If you have an older furnace model (pre-2010) check if there’s a pilot light that has gone out.

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