Furnace Maintenance Services in Ontario

Maintenance is the secret to longevity

Furnace maintenance at Canadian Choice is an integral part of our services. We install furnaces to keep your home warm and we fix them when they break – but what if you could prevent them from breaking?

Regular Furnace Maintenance is Key

A faulty or damaged furnace is costly to repair or replace – and could become a dangerous hazard in the heart of your home. Yet with regular, professional maintenance, you can prevent a furnace emergency from ever happening. Save money and keep your house safe and reliably warm!

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    Our Approach to Furnace Maintenance

    Furnace maintenance includes seasonal checks to ensure your furnace is operating correctly. Our professional furnace technician will check over your furnace, dismantling and cleaning each part while checking for signs of wear and damage.

    The filters, fans, belts, and electrical components – the parts most prone to wear – are all double-checked and replaced if needed. Checking the gas supply line and piping is an important job too. We also run diagnostics when servicing a furnace, so you can be certain that your furnace is still running as efficiently as when you first bought it.

    Furnace maintenance should be carried out every 6 or 12 months, depending on the make, model, and age of your furnace. Call us now on 866-460-6004 for a free consultation, to find out when your furnace servicing is due.

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    Furnace Maintenance DIY Tips

    We always recommend that you let a professional dismantle your furnace, as they’ll know how to do so safely and without causing damage. But there are still some useful things you can do at home to monitor and manage your furnace:

    When it comes to testing the electric, replacing internal components, and running diagnostics, it’s better – and easier – to let a professional take charge. And that doesn’t have to cost you a fortune either.

    Choose Canadian Choice for Your Furnace Maintenance

    Here at Canadian Choice, we are extremely proud to offer a hassle-free service. Your annual service maintenance check doesn’t need to take up half a day or be planned months in advance. You can just call us for a free consultation over the phone or in person, and we can arrange to have someone service your furnace the next day!

    Our maintenance service includes turning over every stone. Our thorough services leave you with peace of mind, knowing your furnace is still working at optimum. It only takes a few hours, at most, but the benefits will be felt all year round. A healthy, efficient furnace will heat your home for a lower cost!

    You’ve already made a significant investment in a furnace to heat your home – now let us look after it with 6-month and annual furnace maintenance check-ups.

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