Furnace Installation Services in Ontario

New furnace, new mindset

We offer leading furnace installation services in Ontario to ensure that this vital component of your HVAC system is ready to meet your home’s heating needs.

Lots of warmth, no energy wasted

Installing a proficient, appropriate furnace in your home is essential. The furnace is the beating heart of your home heating system and it works tirelessly to keep every room at just the right temperature. A poorly installed or inefficient furnace leaves your house cold and costly, and without a furnace, your heating simply falls apart.

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    Our Approach to Furnace Installation

    We take a gas-based approach with our furnace installation services in Ontario. We’ve explored the intricacies of electric furnaces and dabbled in oil-burning furnaces, but we believe that the gas furnace is the only type you should consider.

    The energy efficiency of gas furnaces is what makes them so attractive for heating Canadian homes. If you are looking for comfort and reliability, it’s the only way to go. A gas furnace runs quietly in your home, providing cozy warmth with clean air. The huge cost savings they can make on your heating bill is just a bonus.
    When it comes to selecting a product for the furnace installation service, we proudly provide Lennox’s top gas furnace models. Canadian Choice HVAC is the leading distributor of Lennox furnaces in Canada – and for good reason.

    As experts in the field of furnace installation, we know that the efficiency and cost savings that Lennox products provide are unparalleled. From the Signature Collection to Merit Series, Lennox furnaces are known for their power saving, high-efficiency, and quiet designs. You could achieve heating savings of up to 38% from their bestselling variable-capacity gas furnaces, with Energy Star qualifications and high efficiency ratings.

    We have complete confidence with every Lennox gas-based furnace we install in Ontario.
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    The money saving power of dual operation

    We offer leading furnace installation services in Ontario to ensure that this vital component of your HVAC system is ready to meet your home’s heating needs.

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    The Actual Process

    We offer a complete furnace installation service – no waiting, no mess, no hassle. The entire process has been streamlined to make it as efficient and accommodating as possible. Just ask your dedicated Canadian Choice HVAC project manager!

    After a quick virtual or in-home consultation, the entire installation service can be completed the next day – that’s our next-day guarantee – and it only takes a couple of hours, so there’s no waiting around.

    We know that keeping your house warm is a priority through these troubling times, so our professional technicians practice physical distancing in your household. Read our COVID-19 Policies for more info.

    Other Types of Furnaces

    When it comes to selecting a furnace for your home, you have 3 main choices:

    Gas Furnace

    Our preferred choice! The most economic and efficient option, gas furnaces are highly popular and quiet. A modern gas furnace heats your home with clean air.

    Oil Furnace

    They might be a little more cost-effective up front, but oil furnaces are not as efficient as their gas counterparts, so may cost more over the long run. You’ll also need a place to store the oil, and clean the soot and grime that accumulates with an oil furnace.

    Electric Furnace

    Don’t be sucked in by the low upfront cost of electric furnaces, just take a look at your current electric bill to see why this is not a cost-effective way to heat your home. Many low-quality electric furnaces will struggle to keep your home warm on the coldest nights too.

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