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Perfect Degree of Cool

The heat is coming – are you prepared for summer? Installing a central air conditioning (AC) unit is vital to keeping calm and cool in this weather. Luckily, our central AC installation services can take care of it all for you, so you can just sit back with an iced tea and let our technicians get to work.

Shopping for a good AC model system is not the simplest or most fun task, but it is important. And it’s only half the job! Have you thought about how you’re going to install the system too?

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    Our Approach to AC Installation

    At Canadian Choice, we offer a full central AC installation service, from helping you choose from a range of top models to getting that system installed in time for the heatwave.

    Selecting a high-quality AC model is important – the wrong size or model could leave your home sweaty when you need it cool or cost you a fortune with inefficient cooling. The installation service is just as important. Your new central AC system is useless if it isn’t properly installed!

    This is why we offer a simple, no-hassle service for installing and servicing your new AC system. When correctly set up and regularly serviced, an AC system could last decades.

    Efficiencies beyond compare

    All of our air conditioners are engineered to achieve maximum energy efficiency levels. With efficiencies of up to 21.00 SEER, the XC21 can lower your energy bills by hundreds of dollars a year, while still keeping your home cool and quiet.

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    How to select a central AC unit

    If your home already has a built-in furnace, whether it was installed by Canadian Choice or not, then installing a central air conditioning unit becomes simpler. You already have the framework in place. But how exactly do you select the best AC unit for your home?

    The key things for you to consider before browsing difference types of Air Conditioning units are:

    Once we know these key facts, we can help you select a superior AC unit. Currently, we stock three of the best AC units available in Canada. It’s important to us that we only install AC units that have our complete confidence. These three Lennox AC units are the superior option.

    The Lennox Signature Collection XC21 Multi-Stage Air Conditioner is the most efficient conditioner you can buy. It allows you to finetune the minor settings to get just the right temperature and airflow. We highly recommend it for homes looking for some luxury!

    We also install many Lennox Elite Series EL16XC1 High-Efficiency Air Conditioner for those that want to save on their energy bills without compromising quality. This model is built to perform perfectly with little energy consumption.

    Finally, you might be interested in the Lennox Merit Series 13ACX Single Stage Air Conditioner if you’re desperate to cool down your home but are limited by a budget. So many of our customers have told us how impressed they are with the efficiency of this model, despite the low price!

    One of the key things you should look for when shopping for an AC unit is the efficiency. With top-range Lennox AC units, there’s an efficiency rating of 21 SEER or higher, plus Energy Star qualifications. That’s why they’re always our top choice.

    Our Approach to Installing AC Units

    We are known for our hassle-free and friendly approach. Selecting and installing a system that you know nothing about can be stressful and confusing. But our skilfully trained and certified installation technicians will guide you through the process with complete transparency at every stage.

    From the moment you pick up the phone, to finalizing where the unit will be installed, to switching on your newly installed AC system, we’ll be explaining every step along the way.

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